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Sheds construction

“ICF Montazhseptsstroy” LLP ... “ICF Montazhseptsstroy” LLP is offering you a new method of the speeded, flexible and economical construction of buildings for various purpose, and would not need supporting columns, spanners, beams, screws and seals.

Production and erection of stressed-skin structure (sheds) of an arch buildings(semi-circular), two radius building, and gable profiled buildings, is performed at site, all the elements of structure are fabricated out of coiled galvanized steel GOST 14918-9., 1.0 – 1.5mm thick.

The design of buildings is completely self-supporting structure and does not require any additional supporting framework. For the joints, there is no bolts and rivets used, absolute waterproofing and structural efficiency is achieved by using special equipment.

By the waste of steel and schedule of construction, these buildings are considerably economical, rather than its analogues (foreign and native) of steel structure with the framework.

Stressed-skin structure is designed for multiple use at industrial, defense, civil and agricultural construction, trades and cultural-domestic means.

* Building types “Structures”




  • Plants, industrial buildings and shops
  • Supermarkets and hostel camping (motels)
  • Car wash and service centers
  • Sports facilities, tennis courts and swimming pools
  • Training area for children
  • Cowsheds, stalls, swinery, poultry houses
  • Grain storage, storage for vegetables, different types of storages (hay, potato and etc.)
  • Balance rooms, access railroads
  • Locomotive and all service bus shops
  • Sheds for elevator unloading stations
  • Sheds for repair work at damaged spots in oil – gas pipelines
  • Area for loading mechanisms and storing equipment
  • Garages



Low cost of structure;

  • Unprecedented short term construction. Whole process from moving to construction site, concrete work, production of panels, it’s installation and application of insulation on the building is performed by 10-20 man crew and it takes 20-40 days. The construction rate – are very high: construction of 1000m2 hangar takes 7 days;
  • Ability to perform construction at practically any location. Light weight of structure allows to erect building with no deep foundation, that gives the ability to erect the building at practically any type of soil;
  • Ability to perform the building as heated type. Quick-erecting steel hangars can be built as in “cold” type as in “lagged” heated type with using a modern insulation and protective material, that meets the requirements of SES and fire safety.


Multifunctionality of stressed-skin structure: today it’s the only a garage, tomorrow it’s a storage or industrial facility.

  • Leak tightness. These structures does not have supporting spanners, columns and beams, but the strength and structural stiffness is completely remained. With all that, 100% of leak tightness is provided by special seaming tool that is used on seams.
  • Utilization of galvanized steel as basic material and ability to apply the special paint on surface considerably increases the resistance to corrosion and receive architectural solution in color grade.
  • High-resistance to snow and wind loads. Steel buildings shows high-strength: it withstands 180kg/m2 of snow loads without any additional supports as beams and spanners and withstands the wind load up to 55m/sec, and including service life up to 30-40 years.


The loss of heat over the external walls composes 50% of total loss of heat. Rational and most effective way to decrease the loss of heat, which means decrease expenses for heating is to insulate external walls with insulation material that shows heat transmission resistance that 10 times higher than the materials generally used in construction (concrete, bricks). In this case the load-carrying structure is protected from frost penetration that allows to increase it’s service life. Due to absence of temperature fluctuation and decreasing of noise inside the building, it generates comfortable indoor climate.

As insulation, we use fiberglass. Fiberglass is basically produced out of recycled glass, sand, sodium and chalk-stone. Fiberglass – fibrous insulation material. It insulation property is based on static air, enclosed by fiber. Thermal conductivity of fiberglass is very low. Due to open structure the fiberglass shows the best and well-known acoustic absorption. Fiberglass withstand wearing, do not deforms and remain insulating properties for many years.