Technical base

Automobile transport

Designation Description
1Kubota welding generator 10
2Air plasma cutting torch LINCOLN4
3Electronic ballast LINCOLN 1
4Welding machine for welding stand-pipes and fittings from thermoplastic1
5COMMAN BER-ТM 500/Universal welding machine1
6Soil compaction equipment5
7Heat generator MASTER2
8Heat generator - Kroll2
9Vessel working under pressure4
10SAG- Denyo9
11Р 715 TD/ ТЕStationary concrete pump1
12Wiper Lombardini1
13Vibrocompaction - ROM 6002
14STP500 classic - Welding equipment for plastic pipe1
15GROVE 72 DXT - Boomed Self-propelled loader4
16Concrete pump - Ersatzteilliste1
18Р 715 TD - Concrete pump for distribution of concrete3
19MOD 1040 - Torque spanner1
20Welding equipment LINCOLN1
21Thermal diesel generator 2
22Engine-Robin Motor Robin1
23Vibrations latte VP 1340 R VP 1340 RW VP 1550 R VP 1550RW1
24Vantage 500 Cummins1
25Welding device VDU1
26Ditching machine1
27Concrete mixer 320 L1
28Concrete mixer with 510 L diesel mixer10
29Concrete Mixer HG-701
30Concrete pump with 100m pipe set 1
31Welding Device VANTEGE 50025
32Welding Device Caady - 2503
33Welding Device LHF-4001
34Welding Device «Circotech» 1
35Concrete grinding machine PG 55 EF1
36Immersion vibrator MEIWA5
37Immersion vibrator ИВ 116 1.6 kv 1
38Immersion vibrator ИВ 117 1 kvt 1
39Vibroplate SRV-66 WEBER1
40Vibrotary compactor ВУ 05-451
41Welding rectifier ВД-3131
42Generator 10 ква АВ 1001
43Generator 200 ква1
44Generator 45 ква мод ар 451
45Generator 7.5 ква АВ 75 ТЕ1
46Generator 110 ква мод. АС1
47Generator 5.0 ABSOTE1
48Hydraulic pipebender2
49Hydro hammer1
50Hydroloader Todano1
51Diesel torch ЕСО 101
52Diesel generating station1
53Diesel electric device АД-200С Т4001
54Diesel generator6
55Dieasel airheater2
56Torque spanner1
57Trowelling Machine В424 Honda GX 1201
58Trwelling machine in set Honda GX 2702
59Ventilating hood ЭВЭ-900 -2-П2
60Roller PFROM-6101
61Transformer substation КТП-2501
62Welding cutter set2
63Transformer substation set1
64Transformer substation set -КТПГ 400-101
67Pipelayer crane2
68Ramming machine1
69Oil Heater ta -401
70Pile driving equipment. Catterpillar tractor1
71Painting АВД Gijotto1
72Band saw Cobarasaw model VH 18321
73Sand jet4
74Plasma torch 7.6 m for mechanical cut РСТ-801
75Developing machine1
76Hydrohammer Копко MB 17001
77Hydroloader Todano1