About Company

Appeal from the General Director

 - Can ... - Can you tell us about the history of your company?

- "Constructional-Production Firm Montazhspetsstroy, Ltd" was established on July 13, 1992 by the decision of Kyzylorda City administration. At the moment our company is considered to be one of the biggest constructional companies in the region. It can be clearly proved, that according to results of 1996 program of performed constructional-assembling works came up to $ 60 mln. and working capital of the company was $ 20 mln.

- What kind of work do you undertake for your customers?

- In accordance with official license we perform the following:

  • All kinds of general constructional works
  • Works on setting up out and in-door engineering networks including improvements
  • Special constructional and installation works, site welding for gathering pipelines installation, block sectional pump stations for systems of keeping plastic pressure in oil-field construction
  • Start - adjustment and assembling of the oil-field equipment
  • Abutment installation in pumping and producing oil wells
  • Installation and start adjustment of the industrial equipment
  • All electro-technical works, including installation and start-adjustment in oil-field equipment;Installation of ventilation and aspiration systems
  • Fire-intruder alarm setting, communication networks, radio, television and electric mains settings
  • Set up and assembling of the transformation substations
  • Manufacturing of joiner's products and metal constructions
  • Construction of objects, irrespective of its assignments is carried out on a "turn key basis".

- Do you have personnel qualified for such proportions?

- Total number of staff in our company is 700 workers ( in 1996), including engineering and techniques specialists-117, assemblers - 210, welders-93,mechanics,electricians,servicemen,drivers,masons,slingers,bulldozer operators, tractor operators, auto-crane drivers, interiors, pipe-setting operators, turners, excavator operators, sanitary technician mechanics, assist workers and service personnel.

Our company is completed with the experts having at least 4th categories, among them 300 specialists handle adjacent professions. So, 100 of 60 welders have a personal rank. Some welders of the company have nomination of "The Best Welder in Kazakhstan".

In case of necessity in volume increasing in constructional installation works company has a possibility to hire personnel specialist in any structure.

- What productive base do you have?

We have a base which area is 10.8 m2 .The firm also has productive warehouses, workshops, storage platforms - 18 units, warehouse of petroleum products, gasoline station , mechanisms, motor transportation equipment - 120 units including digging engineering- 20 units, auto transport - 120 units, special equipment - 3 units, welding equipment - 150 units, metallic and timber processing equipment - 120 units, power stations - 30 units.

- What objects , built in the region , make you to be proud ?

We took part in constructing of oil pipe-lines "Kumkol-Karakoin", oil-producing station in Barsangyr, Zhezkazgan Region, we worked in developing of "Kumkol" field on group and measure units setting, undertook installation of start complex №1, working in present time.

We handed over "on a turn key basis" Bansengyr Kumkol pump station -2 , which works under pressure of 150 atmospheres, water - distributive centers - 4 and 5,technical and of high pressure conduits in length ranging from 12 to 15 kms accordingly, widening of the water-scoop comprised of 5 holes and water - scoop of 6 holes BKPS-2, oil reservoir to hole #3b3, the line of technical conduit to BKNS-1.

On the basis of production and technical work balancing control and completing of the equipment (PTWC and CE) in Kyzylorda there were built oil-base, sanitation , diesel depot , warehouses of various purposes , railway and automobile scales and garage for 10 motor vehicles.

On the base of Kumkol technological transport control there are administrative domestic corps, material and technical warehouses such a ARI , buildings operating on water-scoop stations, a gasoline station, a vegetable storehouse,the industrial corps such as Balkan, full improvement of base PTWBC and CE is carried out.

There were no complaints from customers, no reprimands from regional district and city administrations toward our performed constructions.

- As we know, under aegis of your company there is a professional club for Greek-Roman wrestling. Can you tell us about it any more?

- Sport club "Beibars" of Greek - Roman wrestling was opened in 1993 under sponsorship of "CPF Montazhspetsstroi, Ltd" in 1993. At the moment there are 2 trainers in this sport club. Senior Trainer- Mr. J. Kikbayev and trainer - Mr. M. Kuljanov. Both of them have higher sport education. There are more than 100 young wrestlers of the Greek-Roman style.

Wrestlers of "Beibars" are in national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the adult category there is Mr. J Almasbayev, in the youth category there is Mr. K Kikbayev, in the category of teenagers there is Mr. B Sangayev.
Since 1996 our wrestlers took part in the World and Asia Championships among youth and teenagers.