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Sports club "BEIBARS"

In the framework ...In the framework of developing "The healthy way of life" and with a view of performance the strategies of development of Kazakhstan 2030, under aegis of " ICF MONTAZHSPETSSTROY ", has operate the sports club " Beibars " in which young sportsmen on the Graeco-Roman wrestling are educated.

The sports club has been established in 1996 and has already educated young generation of masters of sports which achieves favourable results. It is necessary to note such sportsmen as:

  • Kikbaev К. has supported team of Kazakhstan on world scenes of sports and has already shown the favorable results in "World championship" among schoolboys which passed in Adabil, Iran 1997. He has become the silver prize-winner.
    In 1998 he has become the silver prize-winner in "World championship" among youthful competition in Pretoria, South Africa Republic.
    In 1998 " The World youthful games " which taking place in Moscow, he has come in the three of the strongest.Almasbaev J. has been acting in weight categories up to 96 kg., as has shown the favorable results in "The Championship of Asia " among youth 1998-1999. He has became the silver prize-winner.
    In 2001 "The Championship of Asia " among adults has taken a honorable third place.
  • Sagaev B. is the Master of sports and has proved on " The International Tournament in Alexander Karelina's awards" where has won a gold medal.
    In " The Championship of Asia " among youth competition in 1999-2000 has taken a honourable third place.
    In 2001 "The Championship of Asia" among youthful competition he also has come in the three of the strongest..

    In the framework ...

    On it "The list of sportsmen" do not completed, the club operates and educates all new and new masters of sports and world champions.