Number of "ICF Montazhspetsstroy" Ltd consists of 700 employees, including engineering staff, welders, fitters, electricians, skilled technician, mechanics, carpenters, brick layers, slingers, bulldozer operators, autocrane operators, tractor operators, finishers, pipelayers, excavator operators, the turners and others.

The firm is completed by the qualified specialists, managing adjacent professions and having categories not below of 4 level. Welders have personal clamps that speak about high professionalism of the basic industrial personnel.

April, 19th, 2009 - 1 person has passed a course "Urgent questions on safety and a labour safety" in "ЦПКРОВБ and ОТП" LLP EMAN Export

From March, 12 till March, 30th, 2009 - 400 persons have passed hygienic training of workers occupied in harmful and adverse working conditions.

February, 21st, 2009 - 2 persons have passed courses of retraining and improvement of professional skill on a speciality "Estimator under design budget documentation" in KGU after. Korkyt Ata

January, 20th, 2009 – Engineering staff - 20 persons were trained on matters "Safety and a labour safety" in KOF RGKP "RNIIOT МТ and SZN RK"

November, 2008 - 3 persons in Kyzylorda participated in a seminar on a theme "Taxation of incomes of non-residents in RK", " Problems of transition into МСФО and НСФО"

October, 2008 - 150 persons in Kyzylorda of "Safety Consulting Service" – Professional training, retraining, improvement of professional skill of workers of dangerous industrial objects in the field of industrial safety"

September, 2008 - 2 persons in Almaty were trained on a theme "the Integrated systems of management on the basis of international standards"

From May, 2008 till July, 2008 - 53 persons in Kyzylorda ПШ #1 Training Courses of stringer

May, 2008 - 4 persons in Almaty MOODY INTERNATION, the Course of the auditor / the leading auditor of series ISO 9000:2000, IPC

April, 2008 - 4 persons to St.-Petersburg, "Baltex" Ltd Training of work with devices "Kvant-Ç-II", "VP-3405", "TL-0215"

April, 2008 - 20 persons in Kyzylorda, RGKP KyzGu after Korkyt Ata were trained "the Operator of a construction pistol"

February, 2008 - 1 person in Almaty, was trained on a theme "Budget production, ABC"

Almaty, April of 2007 the courses of training - 7 specialists were trained in vocational school at “Kaz GAS” " Operator-welder of polyethylene pipelines "

Almaty, February of 2007, Seminar under the program the “General introduction to Safety and Health Protection” - Safety and Labor Protection manager participated in a seminar.

Training course in July of 2006 electronic tacheometer ТС-407 - 13 workers have been trained.

April of 2006 Training course - 45 specialists "Modern methods of management on the basis of principles TQM, ISO 9001:2000. Development and СМК introduction "

Almaty, 2005 seminar -practical work "International contacts " - 1 specialist was trained

Canada, 2005 – Training course instructors of modern methods of welding-installation works – 2 specialists were trained.

Almaty, 2004 JSC " Kazakh science-educational centre “High Tech for Human " DHTML – technologies - 1 specialist was trained.

Almaty, 2004. JSC «Kazakh science-educational centre “High Tech for Human “Administration of networks- 1 specialist.

PKKR, 2004 the program of technological pipelines fitters training– 20 specialists.

Kyzylorda, June 2002 " ICF Montazhspetstroy Ltd" the welders were successfully trained and have received certificates on welding tanks under pressure (International Standard ACME IX) and welding of the main pipelines (International Standard Z 662) under the programs of the Technology Institute of Southern Alberta, Canada (SAIT) on the basis of industrial school of Kumkol site.

Provided increasing volumes of carried out civil and erection works the firm does not have problems of attraction of personnel specialists of any structure.