Kinds of activities

Core business

“ ICF Montazhspetstroy” Ltd has possibility to perform below-mentioned works "on a turn-key basis" as a part of an alliance with the companies" PROJECT CONSTRICTION SERVICES "in Almaty and " KAZPROMDIAGNOSTIKA " in Almaty, i.e. starting from revealing, justification and support of profitable projects in a fuel and energy complex, preparations of tender documents, developing the integrated feasibility reports, contracts on the use of bowels of the earth, projects on objects of gas-transport system, carrying out of researches and developing the ecological projects, developing the project estimation documentation, including construction and maintenance of the main pipelines and within the field pipes, construction of motor and within the field roads.

And also, designing of engineering systems and networks:

  • gas supply of low pressure;
  • electro supply to 35 kW;
  • automation of technological processes;
  • water supply and the water drain;

Working out of projects special sections:

  • environment protection;
  • a labor safety;
  • anticorrosive protection;
  • projects of construction organization () and works production projects (РРО);

Technological engineering:

Objects of production purpose:

  • the electric power industry enterprise;
  • the enterprise of fuel mining industry.
  • estimation of existing buildings and constructions functioning reliability and stability;
  • inspection of buildings and constructions technical condition ;
  • inspection of engineering systems and communications.

Expert works:

  • Examination of engineering sections (project-estimation) documentation in the field of architecture, town-planning.
  • Impact estimation on environment (ОВОС).

Construction using NDT on pipelines construction, tanks and metal structures. (Defectoscopy)