Our objects

"Turgai Petroleum"


  • Location base of Turgai Petroleum in Kumkol oilfield (АБК, boiler, filling station, canteen for 100 seats, inhabited buildings, Water tower, Hangar for transport, gathering pond, improvement)

  • Construction of gas facility-38

  • Construction of Pump booster station-40

    (at the stage of construction)
  • Flare lines, high-pressure water ways

  • Preliminary water discharge facility (FWKO)

  • Group pumping station unit (Booster pump station)

  • Complex of Gas Treatment Plant (CDTP) in Kumkol o/f


      CAGTP plant in Kumkol field meant for the processing of associated oil gas in the volume of 150 million nm3/year. Technological process provides production of three products: propane-butane mixes - liquefied hydrocarbon gas, steady (stabilised) condensate and a residual (dry) gas stream with the lowest heat conduction.

      Production buildings and structures:

    • Building of gas and pressurized air Compressor, nitrogen generator – premise shed by size 96х14, Compressors of compressed air and the nitrogen generator, Three piston compressors C-101, С-102, С-103, Three screw compressors C-131, С-132, С-137.
    • Flare knock out drum V-481 V=39.2 m3 and pump site of flare system;
    • LPG storage Tanks (drain) V=16.00 m3 - three underground drainage tanks V-492, V-493, V-494
    • Lub oil makeup tanks ТK-895; ТK-899;
    • Pump station for the lub oil makeup tank ТK-895;
    • LPG storage Tanks V=170m3; (8p-s. + 1 pieces a reserve.);
    • LPG Pump station for transferring;
    • LPG system measuring area;
    • LPG system loading area;
    • The Block - odorization box;

      Subsidiary buildings and structures

    • Chemical laboratory;
    • Control room
    • Equipment minor repairs unit;

      Storage zone

    • The Warehouse of materials and the equipment;

      Preplant zones:

    • Fire station for 2 trucks.