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  • Extension of capacity at the site number 1


    Extension of capacity at the site number 1"Moinkum South". The aim of this project was to increase the production capacity of the field "Moinkum South". It took about two years for "ICF Montazhspetsstroy"Ltd to implement the project for the construction of a production platform for processing uranium. During this time scopes of works for the construction of "Turn-key" of 23 objects inside of plant complex were mastered which ultimately led to the increase of the capacity at the site number 1"Moinkum South"

    Contractor :
    "ICF Montazhspetsstroy" Ltd
    Construction site :
    YuKO Suzakskiy rayon Moinkum South field
    Construction term :
    2010 - 2012
    Capacity :
    increase of production capacity to 4000 tons of uranium per year

    Space of work includes :

    Pumping station (drinking, industrial and fire fighting water), MPP with auxiliary facilitie(compressor room and boiler room),Smoke Stacks Process Pump station, Flow chart of BP by volume (2x5000m3), Flow chart of ПР by volume (2x5000m3), Pool-settler of PBP by volume (1x3000m), extension to the storage of ammonium nitrate extension of sulfuric acid storage by volume (2x150), extension of the existing building (locker-room), Diesel fuel storege for the boiler, pavilion over the well, raw water reservoirs by volume (2x50m), raw water pumping station , water desalination station , potable water tanks (2x200m), fencing of site area, and process charts, biological treatment plant, retention pond of treated water, retention pond fencing, inside heat networks, roads.