About Company


With a view of achievement of the highest quality of given services, increase of ergonomics and production efficiency, “ICF Montazhspetstroy” LLP cooperates with the leading companies of the countries of near and far abroad

"Dubai Sea Breeze" Dubai UAE

Supported small-scale mechanization equipments

  • polishing machine "Metabo", polishing disks;
  • perforating machine, circular saw blade, saw for cutting-to-length and miter cutting, various types of special key;
  • jaw vice for swing pipe and electric drills
  • welding plant "Semont", blasting equipment "Kaoreda"
  • aggregate for spray painting "Vanger SF 1500"
  • front-end pickup "Bodcat", movable screw lathes, vibrator "MEIWA" , concrete mixer (self-contained) delivery value is 510 liter and 310 liter with English and Italian diesel engines'
  • compressor "FINI Rotary", encasement making of various concrete products
  • universal welding units of "Lincoln Electric" Company Commander 500 Deluxe Diesel Welder (Li k1846-2) Cummins Eng.
  • caterpillar excavator "Caterpillar 330"
  • cars "Тoyota Hi Lux"

Technical individual protection stuff and overall

  • welders and fitters overalls' engineers
  • boots, helmet, gloves, protective spectacles, safety belt, tents

"Lincoln Electric", Cleveland, Ohio, USA

  • welding equipment for manual arc welding "Commander 500" in tool sets for argon-arc welding
  • welding equipment Commander 500 Deluxe" versatile welding aggregate with rated current 500A, equipped welding equipment with diesel engine and water cooling by "Cummins" company, auxiliary line supply for 12 kilowatt and electric rheostat ballast (Multi-Weld 350) and electrodes (Lincoln)

"J. TAK Corporation" Tokyo, Japan

  • front-mounted wheel loader
  • track assemble hydraulic ram "Tadano"

"Borax Construction" Ltd., Cyprus

  • Excavator track assembly ET-25 and spare parts for tractors and other techniques

"Ivanovskaya marka" JSC, Ivanovo, Russia

  • llifting cranes 15.25 ton

"Volgograd's Oxygen plant" OJSC Volgograd, Russia SMM-Marketing", Bryansk, Russia JSC Zlatousovsky metallurgy-construction plant" Zlatoust, Russia

  • frame construction from roll-formed shape "Taganai" 18x30x6 wall and roofing slate

"Berezevsky mechanical-repair plant" Berezevsky, Russia

"Monolit" CJSC Zlatoust, Russia

Complex moldings "Masteck" with RBU on platform are used for fabricating small-size types with broad range dimension- type made in concrete with different filler by means of vibrocompression (sidewalk slabs, curbing and others).

"Sasta" JSC Sasovo, Russia

  • screw lathe model CA564C200

"Foreign Trade Company KAMAZ" Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia

  • ruck mixers АБС - 6 (6м3) on Kamaz plant base

КЭМЗ Welding" CJSC Ukraine, Kiev

  • hydraulically internal centering skid ЦВ - 42

"Hydromash-Oriyon" Ltd., Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • Mobile carbines (canteen, office, kitchen block, showers)
  • Mobile carbines on wheel (quarters)
  • Delivery building materials, equipments and component part

"AKSA Kazakhstan" Ltd., (1999-2002)

  • Delivery generators of various capacity

"ELWEST" Almaty, Kazakhstan (2002)

  • Heavy hauler КРАЗ 6443-0000054
  • dump lorry semi trailer CAT 118И semitrailer ЧМЗАП-9906

"Almatysnab" Ltd.

  • Delivery various types of electrical cables, other electric materials

"Burkit International" Ltd., Atyrau

  • Delivery Technical individual protection stuff and overall

"Promresours PV " Ltd., Pavlodar

  • Delivery building materials (bolt, formed components, fittings)

"Stalimpex" Ltd., Pavlodar

  • Delivery various types of pipes, various metals

"PV Temir - Service" Ltd., Pavlodar

  • Delivery various types of pipes, various metals

"KSI" KIM JSC Turkistan

  • Delivery macadam various cut fraction

"Foton" Ltd., Kyzylorda

  • Delivery gas-liquid materials

"Pak V. B." Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan (2002)

  • Computers, printers, faxes, laptops "Toshiba", "Sony," "Navigator",

ТОО "Bagira" Kazakhstan, Almaty

  • Delivery of construction materials and others.