Production base

Production base information of "ISF Montazhspetsstroy" Ltd.
Name of enterprise, оorganization, shop, area equipment availability, shops’ machines their type, productivityBasic nomenclature of output production, structures, materialsProduct capacity according to the nomenclature t. m?,t. m?, t.тн
"Locator LLP ""ICF MSS"" Kyzylorda, South Promzona"Area 3,4 hа
I. Joiner’s shop "Аngar"Area540 m2
II. Turning shopArea24 m2
III. Warehouse for material storageArea540м2 – 1ea, 360м2 – 1ea
IV. Dead-end sidingLength144 r/m
V. Water towerTank stem length75 m3, 18 m
VI. Fuel warehouseTanks523 m3
VII. Mobile camp for 140 seats with kitchen and canteenWagons31 ea
VIII. Production base in “Kumkol” siteArea3 hа
IX. Window manufacturing buildingArea540 m2
XWindow manufacturing buildingArea3,5 hа
XI. GreenhouseArea588 m2
XII. Repair shopArea504 m2
XIII. Repair shopArea1800 m2
XIV. Repair shopArea1008 m2
XV. Canteen on the baseМест42
XVI. 2-storeyed officeArea1200 m2
XVII. Construction materials open warehouseArea2500 m2
XVIII. Small mechanization repair shopArea72 m2
XIX. Training class on training and retraining of specialistsArea144 m2
XX. Concrete products test laboratoryArea144 m2
XXI. Fuel stationPost3
XXII. Production base in “Aryskum” siteArea2 hа
1. Dwelling wagonseats150
2. Kitchenseats50
3. Showercubicles2*5
4. Laboratoryq-ty1
5. Foreman’s roomq-ty1
6. First aid postq-ty1
7. Restroomq-ty1
XXII. Production base in “Inkai” siteArea1600 m2
1. Dwelling wagonseats250
2. Kitchenseats60
3. Showercubicles3*5
4. Foreman’s roomq-ty2
5. First aid postq-ty1
6. Restroomq-ty1